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Prospective Students & Post Doctoral Fellows

The Bercik Collins Lab is part of the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute founded in 2008. The Institute houses 20 principal investigators and about 60 trainees.

Trainees are exposure to a variety of educational events that include:

Weekly seminars at which internal or external investigators provide state of the art seminars on topics that range from basic science to clinical research.

There is a weekly Research in Progress seminar at which trainees present ongoing work, and a weekly journal club.

There is a funded Farncombe Trainee Association that assists trainees and provides social and professional support, including the Annual Research Day organized by the Association.

Applicants should send a letter of interest and updated CV to either Dr. Bercik Dr. Collins or Dr. DePalma at . Summer studentships are available and applicants should contact Drs Bercik, Collins or De Palma as early as possible in late Winter-Early Spring.

All applicants should check the Institute website for additional information: 

Study Volunteers

Those wishing to volunteer for clinical studies should contact:

Gaston Rueda:
Rajka Borojevic:
Andrea Nardelli: